The Art Engineer's Doujinshi Workshop

Sink to the Bottom With You

Story © Catalina
Artwork © The Art Engineer
Final Fantasy VII © SquareEnix Co., LTD.

Language: english
Japanese reading direction
Genre: adventure, Vincent/Yuffie romance
Length: 568 pages
Started January 2005, currently closed
The mangaization of Catalina's fanfic.
It's now one year after the defeat of Sephiroth, and everything seems fine. But then Reeve, the president of Neo-Shinra, is being kidnapped from his office...
The drawing style changes with almost every chapter. This may be a bit annoying, but I used this project to test several drawing styles.
セフィロスの敗北から1年後、すべてが順調です。 しかし、Neo神羅の社長であるリーブは彼のオフィスから誘拐されました。 アバランチとタークスは検索に向かいます。 ユフィはビンセントと組んでいます。 この物語は、彼らがどうやって仲良くやっているかについてです。 ロマンスも少しあります…

part 1 (chapters 01-05)
ボリューム 1 (第01-05章)
part 2 (chapters 06-10)
ボリューム 2 (第06-07章)
part 3 (chapters 11-16)
part 4 (chapters 17-20)
part 5 (chapters 21-22)